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        公司實力雄厚,擁有精良的制造設備,先進的生產技術和專業的研發團隊。配有進口波峰焊機、鋁材精準切割機、精密檢驗檢測儀器等。產品采用優質元器件,半成品和成品100%進行嚴格檢驗并老化,保證產品高質量、高性能。已通過ISO9001:2000質量管理體系認證以及CE, RoHS,FCC等國際出口認證。公司還能提供OEMODM委托加工,可根據客戶的要求設計,為客戶量身訂做性價比高的產品。銷售網絡遍及中國大陸,香港,臺灣, 東南亞,歐美、非洲等多個國家及地區。


      Zhongshan Mingde New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, subordinate to Mingde Group (HK) Industrial Co., Ltd, is established in 2003 and located in Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, which is Chinese Base Town for small household appliance. Mingde is a high technology enterprise specialized in researching, manufacturing and marketing inverters and chargers. The main products include inverters for solar system, inverters for home appliances, auto inverters and UPS inverters, which are widely used for solar photovoltaic generator system, grand advertisement illumilation, remote country power supply, household appliance, camping emergency lightings, ship lightings, elevator emergency power supply, public area and office lightings etc.The first LED illumilation inverter in domestic market is developped independently by Mingde Group, with national design patent. It obtained lots of praise for its high performance.

      We’re a star manufacturer with refined equipments, advanced production tech and professional R&D team. The factory is introduced imported soldering machine, aluminium cutting machines, as well as precised testing machines. Inverters are made with best accessory, while semi-finished and finshed products are 100% quality checked and aged, which ensures a high quality and best performance. We’re approved by ISO9001:2000 and products are certificated by CE, ROHS, and FCC. Any OEM or ODM service is available according to requests from customers. The sales networks covers mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan area, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, as well as Africa.

      In the near future, Mingde Group would start corportation with you, based on market demands for the core competitiveness with sincerity, high quality and good service . Quality always comes first with excellent reputation for long term business. Mingde Technology illumilates all over the world. New creation leads to the future. We welcome for you joining us!



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